Sunday School | 10-10:45 a.m.

Sunday School is a continuation of our common life in worship - a time to know and to be known, to learn and to pray, and to attend ever more closely to what God is doing among us at Blacknall and in the world. Classes are always open to visitors. Look for a deacon wearing a bright red vest if you need help locating a class. 



What might it look like to be a follower of Jesus on the university campus? Come, join the conversation as we share life together and look to scripture for the renewing of our collective imagination.
Leaders: Deb & Aaron Ebert
Location: Parlor

Young Adults

If you’re looking to get to know people at Blacknall and to put a regular time of Bible Study into your schedule, this is a place for you. Young professionals, graduate students, working, or aimlessly wandering are all welcome.
Leader: Goodie Bell, Jeff Baker
Location: Community Room, Room 201

30s, 40s & Friends

Faithfulness in a Fractured World: The Prophets & Us
The 30's, 40's, and Friends class invites those of any age to gather weekly to encounter Christ in scripture and to share life together. Join us this fall as we seek to be faithful in a fractured and divided culture by immersing ourselves in the stories, images, and poetry of the minor prophets, exploring together not only how the prophets challenge us but also how they point us to Jesus, and how they witness to God's tenacious and unbreakable love for Israel and for us.   
Leaders: Christian Pikaart
Location: Fellowship Hall


First Things | Women in the New Testament

How do we understand gender roles and the place of women in the Church? Our class will consider this important and relevant question in a series of talks by Dr. Ken Bailey who will look at women leaders and teachers in the New Testament, and relevant scriptures in the Epistles. The class will consist of viewing DVD lectures by Dr. Bailey, study of Scripture passages, and group discussion.
Leader: Bisharah Libbus
Location: Upper Room, Room 405



This multi-generational class studies scripture following the sermon series. We use group discussion as a means to enrich our understanding of how we might practically live out the gospel, as well as provide Christian community.
Leaders: Don Grigg, Dave Crow
Location: Room 402


Growing in Grace | Life in Our Inheritance

A study of Joshua, Revelation and the gospel of John. Our study will use skits, extensive notes, and discussion and focus on how we apply these texts in life today in central North Carolina. Newcomers are especially welcome, and we will help them catch up on Joshua and Revelation.
Leaders: Paul Immanuel, Shawn Condon, Vance Fowler, Greg Wray
Location: Room 401

Sermon on the Mount

Our class spends the week reading, thinking and praying over a short passage from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 to come prepared to discuss three things each Sunday morning: 1) What is the theme of the passage? 2) What does it tell us about God's character? 3) What does it lead us to do in the week ahead?
Leaders: John Hamilton, Michael Whisenhunt
Location: Room 404

Questions? Contact Matt Bridges